Contributing to Abandoned Business Club Wiki

An introduction to adding, subtracting, modifying, and creating ABCWiki

Glad you’re interested in helping contribute to the internet’s knowledge of businesses that had to close for one reason or another. The Abandoned Business Club Wiki is built entirely on code provided by MediaWiki. This means that our Wiki functions exactly like Wikipedia, and most other wikis of the world. If you understand how they work, this guide probably won’t teach you anything. 

At this point, it’s a one-man-show so I ask patience while I find my footing. I’m learning as I go. I figured I ought to share with the public as I do.

You Need To Establish An Account

Click on "create account," in the top-right corner of any page on the ABCWiki.
Fill in each field. Your real name is not required. Your real name also doesn't appear anywhere on the Wiki except for your own page.
Success! Now that you're set up, you can reload the page you wanted to edit. If you want to create a new entry, that begins with search. More info below.